Holistic Portfolio Construction

Our Investment Approach Builds a Portfolio Suited to Your Goals


  • Determine investment time horizon
  • Assess risk tolerance
  • Identify known and potential cash flow needs
  • Identify current investments, e.g., real estate, private businesses, annuities, etc.
  • Assess current holdings as to investment merits and tax aspects
  • Consider ESG or Socially Responsible Investment preferences


  • Define client objectives for growth, capital preservation and income
  • Compare client objectives to the risk-reward outlook for major asset categories
  • Set a strategic allocation among equities, fixed income, real estate and alternative investments
  • Continually assess the strategic asset allocation in view of market conditions
  • Regularly rebalance portfolios as appropriate


  • Optimize portfolio security selection to maximize risk-adjusted return potential based on our proprietary investment algorithms and third-party research
  • Diversify portfolios to limit volatility & correlation risk
  • Continually monitor portfolio holdings based on quantitative fundamental data, technical analysis and third-party research
  • Adjust portfolios consistent with a goal of low-turnover, tax-efficient investing


  • Retain appreciated legacy holdings that have a solid investment outlook
  • Target securities likely to show sustained compound growth or that have other
    tax-efficient attributes
  • Maintain a low-turnover investing style
  • Adjust asset allocation to take advantage of tax-deferred accounts
  • Target tax-loss harvesting as such opportunities arise

A Disciplined, Research-Based Investment Process

Our investing is grounded in a disciplined process using both internal and third-party research.

A top-down & bottom-up process. Our investment process includes a “top-down” study of factors such as the economy and fiscal and monetary policies. Our process is also “bottom-up” in that security selection across asset classes is based on analysis of fundamental data.

Quantitative, proprietary research. Over our 17-year history, we have developed a quantitative process for developing portfolios with attractive risk-reward profiles using financial data of individual companies and our proprietary algorithms.

Removing emotion from investing. Many investors have disappointing results because they fall prey to popular narratives and/or their emotions. One of the most important things we do for our clients is to help them avoid having the day’s headlines or emotion drive investing. Our strong reliance on letting data drive our decisions helps us achieve this goal.

Third-party data and research. Our internal strengths are buttressed by data from leading financial data providers and by research from prominent investment research firms.

Access to third-party managers. While we differentiate ourselves by conducting our own research and managing the majority of the firm’s assets in-house, we also have access to best-in-class managers in nontraditional asset classes that can meet specific portfolio needs.


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