Advanced Planning

Building a Financial Plan to Guide Your Decision Making

We work with clients who are at a wide range of life’s mileposts. For some, their financial plan is well-defined. For others, we help build their plan.

  • Organizing the data. Our process begins with organizing the key data on assets and liabilities to build a personal “balance sheet” and “income statement” – just as any business does. We do a complete review to ensure there are no gaps in your asset protection, liability management, estate structure, cash flows, or insurance coverage.
  • Identify goals and develop customized roadmap. After identifying your goals, we construct probability-based outcome scenarios using Monte Carlo simulations that enable real-time tracking of progress toward goals including reporting, scenario stress-testing and analysis of liquidity and multigenerational estate flows.
  • Review asset location and income planning. Matching investment vehicles to the right accounts and sequencing income to meet your cash flow can help maximize after-tax dollars for spending or gifting.
  • Consider taxes. Many financial decisions have important tax elements. In conjunction with your tax advisor, we help chart tax-efficient paths for your investing, saving and giving plans.
  • Monitor continuously. Life brings change, so financial plans can never be a matter of “set it and forget it.” With the data and a plan in place, we can monitor progress toward your goals, identifying elements of the plan that need to be adjusted.


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